Navneet Agrawal

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Speckle noise contaminates image content and thus detracts from image interpretation. Speckle noise is the grainy salt-and-pepper pattern present in radar imagery caused by the interaction of out-of-phase waves with a target. Speckle noise reduction is usually employed prior to further image analysis. The primary goal of speckle filtering is to reduce(More)
Transform coding based on the Karhunen-Loeve transform (KLT), the discrete cosine transform (DCT), and the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is well-understood for optical images. Transform coding applied to synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, however, has not been well-studied. This paper compares the results of compressing SAR images when it is available(More)
Jitter is random variations in bit period of a digital signal. It may be regarded as single most limiting factor in high speed digital links. Separating jitter into its components and identifying their root causes help in improving phase locked loop design. Proposed methodology for separating and estimating total jitter is based on Gaussian mixture model(More)
Biometrics is the way of expedient and scrutinizing the physical attributes of a person. An assortment of inevitable shortcomings has been faced by unimodal biometric recognition like noisy biometric data, Limited discriminability, Upper bound in performance and Lack of permanence, consequence degradation of accuracy and performance of the system.(More)
Cellular communication systems are the most widely used wireless communication systems. It is our primary need today to achieve the higher data rates in limited spectrum bandwidth to improve the performance of signals. We know digital communication system outperforms analog ones in terms of noise performance and flexibility. Hence, there has been great deal(More)
A SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) system usually collects huge amount of data, and focusing of the raw data acquires complex range varying phase compensation techniques, which are generally performed off-board. The large amounts of data generated have to be stored on-board or be transmitted to a ground station via a dedicated data link. Therefore, some form(More)
In space borne SAR systems some form of data compression is required to reduce the bandwidth of the downlink channel. In the present paper we have represented the complex SAR raw data with amplitude-phase (AP) and then applied the devised algorithm. It is observed that the phase information of the compressed data is preserved to the great extent. The(More)
A biometric is a unique feature, a measurable trait or characteristic which is utilized in automatically identifying or verifying the identity of a human being. An assortment of inevitable shortcomings has been faced by unimodal biometric recognition like Limited discriminability, noisy biometric data, Upper bound in performance and Lack of permanence,(More)
Computer tomography has become a most important area in biomedical imaging system to reconstruct 3D image. Several exact CT reconstruction algorithms, such as the generalized filtered-back projection and back projection-filtration methods and fan beam reconstruction algorithm have been developed to solve the long object problem. Although the well-known 3D(More)