Navjyoti Singh

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Wikipedia follows an open editing model that allows anyone to edit any entry. This has led to questions about the credibility and quality of information on it. Yet, it remains one of the most widely visited online encyclopedias. In this paper, we present a discussion of the various factors that influence the trust that users have on Wikipedia through a(More)
The last decade has witnessed significant work in personality mining from lexical cues in social media data. Not much work has yet been undertaken in extracting these lexical cues from biographical data populating social media. Most of this work involves a large crowd of researchers leveraging dictionary-based approaches such as LIWC (which primarily focus(More)
We construct a complex citation network of a subset of In-dian Constitutional Articles and the legal judgments that invoke them. We describe, how this dataset is constructed and also introduce the term of dispersion [1] from network science related to social networks, in the context of legal relevance. Our research shows that dispersion is a decisive(More)
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