Navita Singh

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End-coupled resonator bandpass filters built in microstrip are investigated. The admittance inverter parameters of coupling gaps between resonant sections are deduced from experiment and bandpass filter design rules are developed. This allows easy filter synthesis from " prototype " low-pass designs. Design techniques which were formerly employed in the(More)
Temperate and dry deciduous forest covers major portion of terrestrial ecosystem in India. The two forest types with different dominant tree species differ in litter quality and root exudates, thereby exerting species-specific impact on soil properties and microbial activity. This study aims to examine the influence of forest type or dominant tree species(More)
We report on the control of magnetization reversal in exchange-biased Co/CoO nanorings resulting from the competition between field-cooling-induced unidirectional anisotropy at the Co/CoO interface and shape anisotropy of the elongated Co nanorings. We observed that the magnetization reversal mechanisms and magnitudes of exchange bias fields are strongly(More)
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