Navin M. Singhi

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Define a subset S ~ P(X) to be independent if and only if {z~[BC S} is a linearly independent subset of V. This clearly induces a matroid structure on P(X). This matroid has been studied in connection with many problems in the theory of designs or extremal problems for families of finite sets. In fact many interesting inequalities are proved by showing that(More)
A new method to study families of finite sets, in particular t-designs, by studying families of multisets (also called lists) and their relationships with families of sets, is developed. Notion of the tag for a subset defined earlier by one of the authors is extended to a submultiset. A new concept t-(v, k, λ) list design is defined and studied. Basic(More)
Maximal instantaneous codes are characterized by the property that they allow unique parsing of every infinite string. The sequence of codeword lengths of a maximal instantaneous code, sequenced in lexicographic order of the codewords, completely determines the code itself. Any increasing, decreasing or unimodal reordering of such a sequence again(More)
A finite hypergraph H is said to be linear if every pair of distinct v~rtices of H is in at most one edge of H. A 2-uniform linear hypergraph is called a graph. The edge-degree of an edge of a graph G is the number of triangles in G containing the given edge. In this paper it is proved that there is a finite family IF of graphs such that any graph G with(More)