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Tubulointerstitial fibrosis is a hallmark feature of chronic renal injury. Specific therapies to control the progression of renal fibrosis toward end-stage renal failure are limited. Previous studies have demonstrated that expression of endogenous bone morphogenic protein-7 (BMP-7) is reduced in the kidneys of several inducible mouse models of acute and(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of a light emitting diode based visible light communication system, for intelligent transportation in road safety applications. The signal processing of both, transmitter and receiver are realized in a field programmable gate array using two Spartan-3E development kits. The implemented modulation scheme is based on(More)
Navigating through multidimensional data cubes is a nontrivial task. Although On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) provides the capability to view multidimensional data through rollup, drill-down, and slicing-dicing, it offers minimal guidance to end users in the actual knowledge discovery process. In this article, we address this knowledge discovery(More)
Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) have revolutionized the diagnosis of malaria. Among the various factors affecting RDTs sensitivity is genetic variation of the antigen used. The genetic variation in PfHRP2 and PfHRP3 proteins was studied among the Indian Plasmodium falciparum isolates. One hundred and forty isolates of P. falciparum were collected from six(More)
The use of antimalarial drugs in India has evolved since the introduction of quinine in the 17 th century. Since the formal establishment of a malaria control programme in 1953, shortly after independence, treatments provided by the public sector ranged from chloroquine, the mainstay drug for many decades, to the newer, recently introduced artemisinin based(More)
This paper presents a Visible Light Communication (VLC) system architecture suitable for outdoor applications. VLC usages in outdoor scenarios are facing new opportunities raised by the increasing trends on the usage of LEDs. Traffic light signals and public illumination systems are two application examples, where VLC can show its merits. These scenarios(More)
Emerging intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are based on several technologies. A new concept of integrating visible light communications (VLC) in ITS is introduced in this paper. VLC in ITS is a cost effective method of implementation. This paper presents a VLC broadcast system considering LED-based traffic lights. It discusses the integration of(More)
Helicobacter pylori Cag type IV secretion system (Cag-T4SS) is a multi-component transporter of oncoprotein CagA across the bacterial membranes into the host epithelial cells. To understand the role of unique Cag-T4SS component CagI in CagA translocation, we have characterized it by biochemical and microscopic approaches. We observed that CagI is a(More)
1 — VIsible light communication for advanced Driver Assistant Systems (VIDAS) is an outdoor application using the visible spectrum of light emitting diodes (LED). A simple traffic light set up based on LED traffic lights for traffic information transmission has been analyzed in this paper. Various important design parameters have been optimized through(More)