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For a number of reasons, even the best query optimizers can very often produce sub-optimal query execution plans, leading to a significant degradation of performance. This is especially true in databases used for complex decision support queries and/or object-relational databases. In this paper, we describe an algorithm that detects sub-optimality of a(More)
This paper presents a number of new techniques for parallelizing geo-spatial database systems and discusses their implementation in the Paradise object-relational database system. The effectiveness of these techniques is demonstrated using a variety of complex geo-spatial queries over a 120 GB global geo-spatial data set.
In this paper we describe the design and implementation of OPT++, a tool for Extensible Database Query Optimization that uses an object-oriented design to simplify the task of implementing, extending, and modifying an optimizer. Building an optimizer using OPT++ makes it easy to extend the query algebra (to add new query algebra operators and physical(More)
We present an overview of a novel customer support system developed at QUIQ between 1999 and 2003. The application was perhaps the first systematic use of mass collaboration, which builds on the observation that large communities of users can be effectively leveraged to help each other, and to advance the interests of the community as a whole. In recent(More)