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One reason that the central nervous system of adult mammals does not regenerate after injury is that neurotrophic factors are present only in low concentrations in these tissues. Recent studies have shown that the application of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) acts to encourage the regrowth of motor and sensory fibers(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic wound infections impose major medical and economic costs on health-care systems, cause significant morbidity, mortality and prolonged hospitalisation. The presence of biofilm producing bacteria in these wounds is considered as an important virulence factor that leads to chronic implications including ulceration. The undertaken study aimed(More)
A novel anion exchange membrane adsorber is presented which shows excellent impurity removal under different buffer conductivities ranging from 2 to 2 7mS/cm. The membrane utilizes a primary amine ligand (polyallylamine) and was designed specifically to bind impurities at high salt concentrations. Studies with DNA, endotoxin, and virus spiked into buffer at(More)
This study suggests a procedure by which binding of denaturants could be detected without any additional information other than that provided in the denaturation profiles of proteins. Two predominantly alpha-proteins, namely ferricytochrome c and metmyoglobin were denatured by guanidine hydrochloride (GdnHCl) in the presence of low fixed concentrations of(More)
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