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This paper describes Ozone, a new <i>media choreography</i> system based on layered, continuous physical models, designed for building a diverse range of interactive spaces that coordinate arbitrary streams of video and audio synthesized in real-time response to continuous, concurrent activity by people in a live event. We aim to build rich responsive(More)
Endovascular stenting is a minimally invasive technique to exclude an aortic aneurysm or dissection from the circulatory system. Currently, there is no technical aid to guide the surgical staff during the intervention, except the default visualization interface provided with the CT scanner and mobile C-arm. The purpose of our proposed system is twofold: (1)(More)
This paper discusses an approach to instrument conception that is based on a careful consideration of the coupling of tactile and sonic gestural action across the layers of physical and computational material in coordinated dy-namical variation. To this end we propose a design approach that not only considers the materiality of the instrument , but(More)
This paper begins with an overview of medical robotics and then describes an algorithm for automatic needle placement using a six degree of freedom (DOF) robot during minimally invasive spine procedures. The term fluoroscopy servoing is given to this process since an x-ray fluoroscope is used as the visualization tool. A software application was developed(More)
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