Navid Imani

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The star graph, as an interesting network topology, has been extensively studied in the past. In this paper, we address some of the combinatorial properties of the star graph. In particular, we consider the problem of calculating the surface area of the star graph, answering an open problem previously posed in (K. Qiu et al., 1995).
In this paper, we consider the problem of searching a network for intruders. We propose a strategy for capturing the intruder in the popular interconnection topology, the star network. According to the proposed strategy, a team of collaborative software agents are responsible for capturing a hostile intruder (e.g. a virus). These agents asynchronously move(More)
The utilization of the limited resources of a multiprocessor or multicomputer system is a primary performance issue crucial for the design of many scheduling algorithms. While many of the existing parallel machines benefit from a regular product network topology, almost none of the previous resource placement techniques have come to recognize and exploit(More)