Navid Ghavami

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A novel imaging procedure based on ultra-wideband microwave signals is presented. The procedure exploits the use of Bessel functions mode-matching approach for the identification of the presence and location of significant scatterers inside cylindrically shaped objects. Simulations and measurements on cylinders with inclusions are provided to show the(More)
The application of a recently introduced microwave imaging technique based on the Huygens principle (HP), has been extended to multilayered objects with inclusions in this paper. The methodology of HP permits the capture of contrast such that different material properties within the region of interest can be discriminated in the final image, and its(More)
In recent years, Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology has emerged as a promising alternative for use in a wide range of applications. One of the potential applications of UWB is in healthcare and imaging, motivated by its non-ionizing signals, low cost, low complexity, and its ability to penetrate through mediums. Moreover, the large bandwidth covered by UWB(More)
A novel algorithm for use in a recently established technique for imaging based on ultrawideband (UWB) microwave signals is presented here. The method deals with Huygens Principle (HP), which removes the need to solve inverse problems and, consequently, the need for matrix generation/inversion. In addition to its simplicity, it is shown that HP enables the(More)
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