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Experience with 81 gas computed tomography (CT) cisternography procedures in 79 patients in searching for acoustic neuroma is reported. Twenty-one tumors, four exclusively intracanalicular, were demonstrated after standard contrast-enhanced CT was negative. Fifty-five examinations were negative; four were inconclusive. The high resolution scanner with(More)
OBJECTIVE Additive manufacturing offers a tailored approach to tissue engineering by providing anatomically precise scaffolds onto which stem cells and growth factors can be supplied. Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), an ideal candidate biomaterial, is limited by a poor implant-bone interface but can be functionalized with adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) to(More)
The effects of hyperbaric compression on heart rate, rectal temperature, respiratory rate, bubble formation, and survival were studied in three groups of anesthetized golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus). Group I (15 animals) breathed air while exposed to 7 ATA of pressure for 1 h in a hyperbaric chamber; Group II (13 animals), at the same pressure level(More)
Disenchantment with the limitations, and in some cases the morbidity, of currently used radiologic techniques for the demonstration or exclusion of small acoustic neuromas prompted development of an examination using small amounts of intrathecal air and computed tomography (CT). A prospective study was designed to evaluate air CT(More)
Hearing rehabilitation with an intracochlear prosthesis is well documented in patients who have an intact otic capsule prior to implantation. However, the suitability for implantation of patients who have undergone extensive procedures involving the otic capsule such as labyrinthectomy has not been directly addressed. This report documents a case of a(More)
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