Navgeet Bajaj

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Macromolecular assemblies involving membrane proteins (MPs) serve vital biological roles and are prime drug targets in a variety of diseases. Large-scale affinity purification studies of soluble-protein complexes have been accomplished for diverse model organisms, but no global characterization of MP-complex membership has been described so far. Here we(More)
The Third American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists/Food and Drug Administration Bioanalytical Workshop, held in 2006, reviewed and evaluated current practices and proposed that carryover and contamination be assessed not only during the validation of an assay but also during the application of the method in a study. In this article, the potential(More)
Bioactive molecules typically mediate their biological effects through direct physical association with one or more cellular proteins. The detection of drug-target interactions is therefore essential for the characterization of compound mechanism of action and off-target effects, but generic label-free approaches for detecting binding events in biological(More)
Validation of LC-MS/MS assays includes an assessment of matrix effects. Hemolysis effect, a special type of matrix effect, can also have an impact on analyte quantitation. In situations where the hemolysis effect is marginal, this can be resolved simply by dilution of hemolyzed samples with plasma prior to analysis. However, in some cases, the impact can be(More)
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