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Twisted-ring-counters (TRCs) have been used as built-in test pattern generators for highperformance circuits due to their small area overhead and simple control circuitry. When compared to other pattern generators TRC often requires long test time to achieve high fault coverage and large storage space to store required control data and TRC seeds.(More)
The conventional approach towards treatment of a skeletal facial deformity starts with pre-surgical orthodontic treatment, followed by orthognathic surgery and eventually, post-surgical orthodontics. Pre-surgical orthodontics, though considered essential for adequate and stable surgical outcome, involves varied amount of time and temporary worsening of the(More)
BACKGROUND In the past few years, there has been a major research drive to increase bond strength between dental materials and dental hard tissue and to reduce the associated demineralization around fixed orthodontic appliances. Thus, a recent approach is to incorporate an antibacterial agent into the primer to reduce the demineralization and enhance bond(More)
BACKGROUND A receding chin associated with an orthognathic mandible is a common situation and surgical changes in chin position are often required to improve the overall harmony of the face. Genioplasty is one such procedure. Stability of hard and soft tissue changes following genioplasty on a long term basis needs to be assessed. Studies on the stability(More)
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