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This paper explores autonomic approaches for optimizing provisioning for heterogeneous workloads on enterprise Grids and clouds. Specifically, this paper presents a decentralized, robust online clustering approach that addresses the distributed nature of these environments, and can be used to detect patterns and trends, and use this information to optimize(More)
Moderate calorie restriction (CR) (∼60% of ad libitum, AL, intake) has been associated with numerous favorable physiological outcomes in many species, and the insulin/IGF-1 and mTOR signaling pathways have each been proposed as potential mediators for many of CR's bioeffects. However, few studies have assessed the widely held idea that CR induces the(More)
Calorie restriction (CR) induces enhanced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in fast-twitch (type II) muscle from old rats, but the effect of CR on slow-twitch (type I) muscle from old rats is unknown. The purpose of this study was to assess insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and phosphorylation of key insulin signaling proteins in isolated epitrochlearis(More)
Earlier research on rats with normal insulin sensitivity demonstrated that acute exercise increased insulin-stimulated glucose uptake (GU) concomitant with greater phosphorylation of Akt substrate of 160 kDa (pAS160). Because mechanisms for exercise effects on GU in insulin-resistant muscle are unknown, our primary objective was to assess insulin-stimulated(More)
We present a decentralized algorithm for on-line clustering analysis used for anomaly detection in self-monitoring distributed systems. In particular, we demonstrate the monitoring of a network of printing devices that can perform the analysis without the use of external computing resources (i.e. in-network analysis). We also show how to ensure the(More)
In recent times wireless sensor networks have grown enormously and become progressively attractive in wide variety of applications because of their low cost, low power, small in size, self-organizing behavior in harsh environments. Routing is a vital technology in WSN. There are many routing protocols like: location based, multipath, data centric, mobility(More)
The practice of computing across two or more data centers separated by the Internet is growing in popularity due to an explosion in scalable computing demands and pay-as-you-go schemes offered on the cloud. While cloud-bursting is addressing this process of scaling up and down across data centers (i.e. between private and public clouds), offering service(More)
Depression is more common among diabetes people than in the general population. In the present study, blood glucose change in depression animal model was characterized by various types of hyperglycemia models such as d-glucose-fed-, immobilization stress-, and drug-induced hyperglycemia models. First, the ICR mice were enforced into chronic restraint stress(More)