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—This paper explores autonomic approaches for optimizing provisioning for heterogeneous workloads on enterprise Grids and clouds. Specifically, this paper presents a decentralized, robust online clustering approach that addresses the distributed nature of these environments, and can be used to detect patterns and trends, and use this information to optimize(More)
We present a decentralized algorithm for on-line clustering analysis used for anomaly detection in self-monitoring distributed systems. In particular, we demonstrate the monitoring of a network of printing devices that can perform the analysis without the use of external computing resources (i.e. in-network analysis). We also show how to ensure the(More)
—The practice of computing across two or more data centers separated by the Internet is growing in popularity due to an explosion in scalable computing demands and pay-as-you-go schemes offered on the cloud. While cloud-bursting is addressing this process of scaling up and down across data centers (i.e. between private and public clouds), offering service(More)
Ensuring the efficient and robust operation of distributed computational infrastructures is critical, given that their scale and overall complexity is growing at an alarming rate and that their management is rapidly exceeding human capability. Clustering analysis can be used to find patterns and trends in system operational data, as well as highlight(More)
Modern object-oriented programming languages such as C++ provide convenient abstractions and data encapsulation mechanisms for software developers. However, these features also complicate testing and static analysis of programs that utilize object-oriented programming concepts. In particular, the C++ language exhibits features such as multiple inheritance,(More)
— The increasing computing and communication capabilities of multi-function devices (MFDs) have enabled networks of such devices to provide value-added services. This has placed stringent QoS requirements on the operations of these device networks. This paper investigates how the computational capabilities of the devices in the network can be harnessed to(More)