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A team at Purdue University has been working on a NSF sponsored project to create a set of research-validated recommendations for the development of science video games. As a way to accomplish this task, the team created a three-dimensional first-person shooter video game that requires players to utilize chemistry knowledge to advance in the game-world. A(More)
1.0 Abstract In an effort to improve the evaluation of instructional performance, Purdue Online Evaluation (P.O.L.E.) system was created for the College of Technology at Purdue University. Four years after implementation P.O.L.E. has gone unchanged. With every additional year, the shortcomings of the unfinished project become more apparent and detrimental(More)
This paper details the process used by a research team at Purdue University to map out and design an educational chemistry video game sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The design process developed by the team is significant because it integrates the design process used by traditional video game developers and the process used by instructional(More)
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