Naveen Manuja

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BACKGROUND Child abuse continues to be a social menace causing both physical and emotional trauma to benevolent children. Census has shown that nearly 50-75% of child abuse include trauma to mouth, face, and head. Thus, dental professionals are in strategic position to identify physical and emotional manifestations of abuse. AIM A cross-sectional survey(More)
The long-term success of the reimplanted teeth is related to the maintenance of periodontal ligament (PDL) cell viability. Dental tissues are unique in comparison to most other tissues in the body due to their marked capacity for regeneration. Understanding the circumstances leading to repair and regeneration in oral tissues has been a formidable challenge.(More)
AIM To evaluate and compare the microleakage of self-etch adhesives placed under different clinical techniques and to analyze the resin-dentin interfacial ultrastructure under scanning electron microscope (SEM). MATERIALS AND METHODS 100 extracted human premolars were divided into two groups for different adhesives (Clearfil S(3) and Xeno III). Class V(More)
AIM To comparatively evaluate the shear bond strength of recent tooth-colored restorative materials to dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS Flat dentinal surface were prepared from 60 caries free, extracted human permanent molars and were mounted in acrylic rings. These were randomly divided into four groups - Group A to Group D, according to the restorative(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare microleakage of three self-etch adhesives and to analyze enamel surface morphology and interfacial morphology of resin-enamel and resin-dentin interface under scanning electron microscope (SEM). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Study was conducted in 65 extracted human premolars. Class V cavities were prepared in 45 teeth and assigned to three(More)
The purpose of this case report is to discuss the delayed eruption of permanent maxillary central incisors in a 10-year-old boy with retained primary maxillary central incisors. Radiological investigations revealed the presence of impacted bilateral supernumerary teeth and impacted permanent incisors. These supernumerary teeth were surgically removed and(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the effect of proanthocyanidin (PA) treatment of the pulp chamber dentin after NaOCl and EDTA irrigation on the microleakage and interfacial morphology of adhesive restorations. STUDY DESIGN Pulp chambers of 66 extracted permanent molars were exposed. In half of the samples, pulp chamber dentin was bonded with Clearfil S3 after(More)
Clinical longevity of composite resin restorations is a significant problem in adhesive dentistry. Most of the current simplified adhesives present good immediate bonding, but the bond strength gradually falls over a period due to biodegradation at the resin-dentin interface. Various strategies have been proposed to improve the durability of resin-dentin(More)
Root perforations are undesired complications of endodontic treatment. The repair of root perforation can be accomplished using different materials and techniques. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is widely used to seal perforations because of its biocompatibility and sealability. This article describes a case report where an iatrogenic root perforation was(More)
A supernumerary tooth is one that is additional to the normal series and can be found in almost any region of the dental arch. Clinically, supernumerary teeth are able to cause different local disorders. It is important for the dentist to be aware of the clinical complications of supernumerary teeth, the most common being the delayed eruption of permanent(More)