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Recently, Twitter has emerged as a popular platform for discovering real-time information on the Web, such as news stories and people's reaction to them. Like the Web, Twitter has become a target for link farming, where users, especially spammers, try to acquire large numbers of follower links in the social network. Acquiring followers not only increases(More)
Finding topic experts on microblogging sites with millions of users, such as Twitter, is a hard and challenging problem. In this paper, we propose and investigate a new methodology for discovering topic experts in the popular Twitter social network. Our methodology relies on the wisdom of the Twitter crowds -- it leverages Twitter Lists, which are often(More)
In this paper, we design and evaluate a novel who-is-who service for inferring attributes that characterize individual Twitter users. Our methodology exploits the Lists feature, which allows a user to group other users who tend to tweet on a topic that is of interest to her, and follow their collective tweets. Our key insight is that the List meta-data(More)
Several applications today rely upon content streams crowd-sourced from online social networks. Since real-time processing of large amounts of data generated on these sites is difficult, analytics companies and researchers are increasingly resorting to sampling. In this paper, we investigate the crucial question of <i>how to sample the data generated by(More)
Human activities have long been recognized as a major force shaping the biosphere. Advancing urbanization is one such transformation with unforeseen effect on the soil microbiota, including the cyanobacteria. This includes the loss of agronomically important nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria, which may negatively affect the agricultural productivity of(More)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the performance analysis of multilayer feed forward neural networks trained with back propagation algorithm & descent gradient Radial basis function network for the pattern classification of hand written curve script. This analysis has been done for handwritten text of three letters and for the individual English(More)
The functional role of microcystins (MC) is poorly understood. Here, we investigated the effect of pure MC-LR recovered from the freshwater planktonic cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. BHU001 on five closely related cyanobacteria (Nostoc muscorum, Nostoc commune, Anabaena fertilissima, Anabaena doliolum, and Cylinderospermum majus) isolated from different habitats(More)
Anabaena fertilissima is a filamentous freshwater N2-fixing cyanobacterium, isolated from a paddy field. Growth of the cyanobacterium was limited by the non-availability of inorganic phosphate (Pi) in the growth medium and was found to be directly related to the cellular P quota, which declined rapidly in Pi-deficient cells. To overcome Pi-deficiency, cells(More)