Naveen K. Krishnaprasad

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This paper describes the design and implementation of CAVERNsoft G2, a toolkit for building collaborative virtual reality applications. G2's special emphasis is on providing the tools to support high-performance computing and data intensive systems that are coupled to collaborative, immersive environments.This paper describes G2's broad range of services,(More)
JuxtaView is a cluster-based application for viewing ultra-high-resolution images on scalable tiled displays. We present in JuxtaView, a new parallel computing and distributed memory approach for out-of-core montage visualization, using LambdaRAM, a software-based network-level cache system. The ultimate goal of JuxtaView is to enable a user to(More)
Quanta is a cross-platform adaptive networking toolkit for supporting the data delivery requirements of interactive and bandwidth intensive applications, such as Amplified Collaboration Environments. One of the unique goals of Quanta is to provide applications with the ability to provision optical pathways (commonly referred to as Lambdas) in dedicated(More)
We present the current state of Vol-a-Tile, an interactive tool for exploring large volumetric data on scalable tiled displays. Vol-a-Tile presents a variety of features employed by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on data collected from the Anatomy of a Ridge-Axis Discontinuity seismic experiment. Hardware texture mapping and(More)
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