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Linkage of financial development with electricity-growth, nexus of India and Pakistan
This paper tries to identify the indirect linkage between intermediary development with energy-growth nexus for India and Pakistan. In this succession the study employ system based GMM approach alongExpand
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Federalism in United States and Pakistan: A Juxtaposition
A comprehensive design of federalism has never been developed in Pakistan though the country has a long history of transitional governance. Since independence the federal system of Pakistan remainedExpand
Conceptualizing Sovereign Nation State in the Globalized World
The word ‘nation state’ denotes a close relationship between nation and state. It means that state is composed of a single nation with common ethnic and cultural identity, living in a geographic areaExpand
18th Amendment Act and Federalism in Pakistan: Provincial Perspective
The 18 th Constitutional Amendment brought about 36 percent changes in the original constitution of 1973 and total 102 Articles of the constitution were inserted, amended and substituted out of theExpand
An Appraisal of Justice in Pakistan from the Prism of Platonic Justice
IntroductionThe concept of justice found in the historical records of Athens illustrates the Athens' desire for peace and justice. In the Greek philosophical journey Plato was the most prominentExpand
US-India Strategic Bargaining and Power Balancing in South Asia
IntroductionUS-India remained estranged from each other till the 1990 because of divergent goals and interests. From the very beginning, India is perusing a policy of strategic autonomy andExpand
Indus Water Treaty: Threats of Abrogation, Plans for Revision and Prospects of Survivability
Indus Basin Treaty which was brokered by the World Bank for resolving water issues between Pakistan and India. Despite persistent hostilities and wars between the two arch-rivals, the treaty hasExpand