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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is one of the advanced fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Recent past has witnessed valuable research activities in ASR in English, European and East Asian languages. But unfortunately South Asian Languages in general and "Urdu" in particular have received very less attention. In this paper we present an approach(More)
aBsTraCT Multimedia applications require certain QoS guarantees to be met in order to function properly. QoS requirements for multimedia transmission include bandwidth guarantees and temporal guarantees (delay and jitter). Existing routing protocols on MANeTs are not adequate enough to deal with these necessities imposed by multimedia traffic. In this(More)
Adoption of Information Technology (IT) can make a valuable contribution to development of public sector organisation. A reasonable size of budget is allocated every year to IT projects in public sector in both developed and developing countries. However, at present, the majority of public sector IT projects fails either totally or partially. The percentage(More)
Matching strategy plays a decisive role for the success of any particular algorithm and is o`1`ne of the most challenging tasks in digital image processing. The present research work exclusively automates the object recognition technique by applying digital image processing techniques and pattern analysis. Capturing scene / frame of interest from a video(More)
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