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Students attendance in the classroom is very important task and if taken manually wastes a lot of time. There are many automatic methods available for this purpose i.e. biometric attendance. All these methods also waste time because students have to make a queue to touch their thumb on the scanning device. This work describes the efficient algorithm that(More)
Software risk are hard to find and harder to manage. This paper focuses on the identification of software risk in incremental model of software development. A thorough handling and avoidance strategy is proposed for the identification of risk factors when the incremental model is used for software development. The risk factors identified may also exist in(More)
INTRODUCTION Numerous herbal medicines have been recommended for the treatment of different diseases. Achyranthes aspera, Linn. (Family: Amaranthaceae), popularly known as Charchitta or Pitpapra, is commonly used by traditional healers for the treatment of fever, malaria, dysentery, asthma, arterial hypertension, pneumonia, and diabetes. The root extract is(More)
This paper describes a fast lock scheme for phaselocked loops (PLLs). The proposed scheme utilizes mostly digital logic and control to achieve significant reduction in PLL lock acquisition time, which enables dynamic power cycling for various sub-systems on SOC designs. Multiple Self-Bias PLLs having fast lock schemes were designed to operate at VCO(More)
(BANs) gained immense consideration due to its applicability in the medical field. In this paper we propose a Hybrid type of Key management technique which uses human Physiological Values based generated keys as well as some preloaded keys in order to secure the wireless communication of BAN. We assume BAN to be a heterogeneous sensor network having the(More)
In recent years intrusions on computer network are the major security threat. Hence, it is important to impede such intrusions. The hindrance of such intrusions entirely relies on its detection, which is primary concern of any security tool like Intrusion detection system (IDS). Therefore, it is imperative to accurately detect network attack. Numerous(More)
The genomic changes underlying both early and late stages of horse domestication remain largely unknown. We examined the genomes of 14 early domestic horses from the Bronze and Iron Ages, dating to between ~4.1 and 2.3 thousand years before present. We find early domestication selection patterns supporting the neural crest hypothesis, which provides a(More)
The accurate detection of changes has the potential to form a fundamental component of systems which autonomously solicit user interaction based on transitions within an input stream, for example, electrocardiogram data or accelerometry obtained from a mobile device. This solicited interaction may be utilized for diverse scenarios such as responding to(More)