Naveed Anwer

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Opinion Mining is a promising discipline, defined as an intersection of information retrieval and computational linguistic techniques to deal with the opinions expressed in a document. The field aims at solving the problems related to opinions about products, Politian in newsgroup posts, review sites, comments on Facebook posts and twitter etc. This paper(More)
Nowadays, a large number of websites allow users to post reviews about products they bought. There are thousands of reviews of customers related to one product. So it is difficult for the manufacturers and also for the customers to have an idea about the product from these large reviews. In this paper we aim to summarize the customer reviews in factual form(More)
In India the socioeconomic development of different states is spatially heterogeneous. The states can be broadly classified into three categories viz; developed, developing and underdeveloped. The development status of states falling under any one category is influenced by its socioeconomic parameters. The earlier studies on regional development have(More)
Today, Accurate weather prediction has been one of the major challenging environmental problems of the modern world. Estimates of temperature values are not only is an important factor in the agricultural decision making process, but also needed for environmental and technical applications i.e. assessment of natural disaster or crop growth forecasting.(More)
In the current scenario, at the crossroad of computational linguistics and data retrieval opinions and emotions are more valuable than the subject of the document. Linguistic resources are used to retrieve sentiments and also to classify it. Over the internet, not only the large volume of unstructured data is available but also the large amount of text is(More)
Copyright and Reprint Permission: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limit of U.S. copyright law for private use of patrons those articles in this volume that carry a code at the bottom of the first page, provided the per-copy fee indicated in the code is paid through Copyright The conference(More)
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