Navee Chiadamrong

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Recently, great attention has been paid to the supply chain concept. While there is much research material on buyer and supplier performance assessment and management, a relationship perspective can bring an added dimension, especially to the performance of close, mutual relationships. The paper examines the problem of how to establish an incentive scheme(More)
Supplier selection is an important strategic supply chain design decision. It is always exposed to major risks and a number of uncertainties in the decision such as risks of not having sufficient raw materials to meet their fluctuating demand. These risks and uncertainty may be caused by natural disasters to man-made actions. Incorporating the uncertainty(More)
Experimental design is a powerful approach to study the impact of potential variables affecting systems and provides spontaneous insight for continuous improvement possibilities. Most research in system design has focused on problems with a single characteristic or response. This paper is concerned with the application of a design method to problems with(More)
New manufacturing systems have a hugh potential for increasing productivity. But the potential is being roadblocked in many cases by the wrongful use of haditional justification methods. This paper presents a further step injustifying such evaluation by using the concept ofthe fuzzy set theory in overcoming the precision-based evaluation. The study also(More)
Due to the growing demand in product consumption, companies try to increase their profit by striving to achieve satisfactory production capacity under limited resources. This resource, so called “the bottleneck” causes inability of a system to respond to sudden changes in demand as a result of capacity restriction. Different controlling mechanisms have(More)
The aim of the study is to apply a Genetic Algorithm (GA) to solve a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) for a specific bakery company. This VRP application consists of 1 depot with 32 customers in 6 delivery zones. In the study, the GA is chosen to solve this vehicle routing problem as compared with an existing method currently used by the company, which(More)
Traditional methods for managing the inventory are not 100% applicable in the case of perishable products as they have shorter product life. As a result, perishable need extra attention, otherwise high outdating and lost sales cost, which would contribute hugely for the firms to suffer a huge loss will incur. In this paper, we studied the replenishment(More)
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