Navdeep Kanwal

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Image enhancement is used to improve the visual effects and the clarity of image or to make the original image more beneficial for computer to process. Uneven illumination always affects image quality serious in practice. To weaken illumination effect on image quality, local gamma correction with adaptive threshold is used to improve the visual appearance(More)
Medical imaging refers to an approach through which radiographers diagnose the human body using X-rays, CT, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance techniques. It is widely used safe imaging system in medical field that assists in extracting and visualizing the fine details from the image. In order to extract the details from an image, it should be of high(More)
Integration of information for providing better usage and productivity is utmost important in todays scenario. Before collecting this information obtained from various modalities we need to align them properly and this process is called as image registration. The entire process of image registration becomes accurate if all the images have been acquainted(More)
Steganography is the art and science of secret communication. Various types of media, such as images, videos, audio etc. can be used to hide the message. This paper presents an approach to steganography using LBP on a cluster formed by the CIELAB (Informally called Lab) based k-means clustering. Image Steganography embeds the secret message into the images(More)
A video is a collection of still images called frames and audio. This paper presents an approach to video steganography for hiding secret data using Local Binary Pattern (LBP) in the desired segment formed by the k-means clustering of the desired frame. For embedding and extracting the message LBP is used. LBP, using the pattern classification(More)
Digital images are the most common application of now day’s world. In almost every era of life and technology, the digital images are playing their roles. The problem with images is that, their quality depends on a number of other factors like lighting at the image capturing location, proficiency of the operator, and noise. Low contrast is the most common(More)
Face recognition is a type of biometric software application by using which, we can analyzing, identifying or verifying digital image of the person by using the feature of the face of the person that are unique characteristics of each person. These characteristics may be physical or behavioral. The physiological characteristics as like finger print, iris(More)
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