Nava Shpaisman

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The large-scale assembly of nanowire elements with controlled and uniform orientation and density at spatially well-defined locations on solid substrates presents one of the most significant challenges facing their integration in real-world electronic applications. Here, we present the universal "knocking-down" approach, based on the controlled in-place(More)
A simple wet chemical approach was developed for a unique on-surface synthesis of transparent conductive films consisting of ultrathin gold/silver nanowires directly grown on top of CdSe nanowire array photoconductive devices enclosed in polycarbonate membranes. The metal nanowire film formed an ohmic contact to the semiconductor nanowires without(More)
Morphology, that is, the study of form comprising shape, size, and structure, is important for materials research in general. For nanostructured materials, popularly known as nanomaterials, morphology has a special significance since form, in this case, dictates physical and chemical properties. Unlike bulk materials, properties of nanomaterials are(More)
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