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Exogamy in first marriages and remarriages: An analysis of mate selection in first and second marriages among American Jews in the 1990s, and its theoretical implications
What factors account for the decision to marry exogamously in second marriages in a community with a long history of valuing endogamous marriage? That question is addressed by an analysis of aExpand
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Beta glucuronidase and hyperbilirubinaemia in breast fed infants of diabetic mothers.
A prospective study was performed comparing bilirubin concentrations in 10 breast fed term infants of diabetic mothers (IDM) to those of 10 breast fed normal term infants. The beta-glucuronidaseExpand
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Betaglucuronidase andhyperbilirubinae mia inbreast fedinfants ofdiabetic mothers
prospective study wasperformed compar- ingbilirubin concentrations in10breast fed terminfants ofdiabetic mothers (IDM)to those of10breast fednormalterminfants. The,-glucuronidase concentrationsExpand
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Secular Education and the Religious Profile of Contemporary Black and White Americans
This paper deals with the relationships among social status, race, and religion in the contemporary United States. The religious data came from the 1990 National Survey of Religious IdentificationExpand
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