Naushin Nower

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Now a day's Heterogeneous wireless network is a promising field of research interest. Various challenges exist in this hybrid combination like load balancing, resource management and so on. In this paper we introduce a reliable load balancing architecture for heterogeneous wireless communications to ensure certain level of quality of service. To conquer the(More)
Heterogeneous wireless network pose many interesting research challenges. Among them, resource management and load balancing in such a hybrid environment is still an open problem. Consider these issues an efficient semi distributed load balancing architecture for multiple access networks is introduced in this paper. Since both centralize and distributed(More)
This paper proposes a restoration scheme for the instantaneous amplitudes and phases in sub-bands by using a Kalman filter with linear prediction (LP). A few important studies have already proved that phase spectrum on the short term Fourier transform plays an important role in speech enhancement. Thus, the proposed scheme concentrates on restoring of both(More)
— Mobile IP has become increasingly important to provide continuous network connectivity to the Internet regardless of the physical location of the mobile nodes. In this paper, we focus on Multiple Home Agents (HA) for Mobile IP to achieve improved performance concerning data transfer, system throughput and overhead for message passing. We introduce the(More)
Feedback data loss can severely degrade the overall system performance and as well as it can affect the control and computation of the Cyber-physical System (CPS). Therefore, incomplete feedback makes a great challenge in any uncertain condition to maintain the real-time control of the CPS. In this paper, we propose a data recovery scheme, called Efficient(More)
Multi valued logic synthesis is a very promising and affluent research area at present because of allowing designers to build much more efficient computers than the existing classical ones. Ternary logic synthesis research has got impetus in the recent years. Many existing literature are mainly perceptive to the realization of efficient ternary reversible(More)
Feedback data loss can severely degrade the overall system performance and as well as it can affect the control and computation of the cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the provision of real-time, efficient, dependable, safe, and secure operations of a wide range of emerging applications. In CPS applications, a wide range of data patterns are observed in(More)
For software quality assurance, software defect prediction (SDP) has drawn a great deal of attention in recent years. Its goal is to reduce verification cost, time and effort by predicting the defective modules efficiently. In SDP, proper attribute selection plays a significant role. However, selection of proper attributes and their representation in an(More)