Naushad Ali Mamode Khan

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—Among all biometric, dorsal hand vein pattern is attracting the attention of researchers, of late. Extensive research is being carried out on various techniques in the hope of finding an efficient one which can be applied on dorsal hand vein pattern to improve its accuracy and matching time. One of the crucial step in biometric is the extraction of(More)
With an increasing focus on applied research, series of single/composite materials are being investigated for device development to detect several hazardous, dangerous, and toxic molecules. Here, we report a preliminary attempt of an electrochemical sensor fabricated using pristine Ni and Cr-doped nano tin oxide material (SnO2) as a tool to detect(More)
This paper aims at developing Poisson autoregressive and moving-average models while incorporating transcendental covariates corresponding to the seasonal impulses for non-stationary time series of large counts. These models are implemented to analyse the non-stationary monthly time series of tourist arrivals in Mauritius over the period of twenty five(More)
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