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BACKGROUND This study was designed to study the patient characteristics, presenting features and complications of malaria in patients with elevated liver enzymes and to compare these data to those of patients with normal liver enzymes. METHODS A convenient sample of 100 patients with malaria was selected from three tertiary care referral hospitals. Study(More)
India as a developing country has more prevelance of diabetes and now has more people with type 2 diabetes (more than 50 million) than any other nation. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that can lead to cardiovascular, renal, neurologic and retinal complications. Type 2 diabetes has quickly become a global health problem due to rapidly(More)
Chemical crowd control agents are also referred to as riot control agents and are mainly used by civil authorities and government agencies to curtail civil disobedience gatherings or processions by large crowds. Common riot control agents used to disperse large numbers of individuals into smaller, less destructive, and more easily controllable numbers(More)
Carbon monoxide is responsible for a large number of accidental domestic poisoning and deaths throughout the world. Domestic carbon monoxide poisoning is rarely reported in India and remains an under recognized problem. The diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning is usually based on autopsy findings, circumstantial evidence and estimation of(More)
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