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Online virtual communities are becoming increasingly popular both within the able-bodied and disabled user communities. These games assume the use of keyboard and mouse as standard input devices, which in some cases is not appropriate for users with a disability. This paper explores gaze-based interaction methods and highlights the problems associated with(More)
Clostridium septicum aortitis is a rare infection that has a strong association with occult colonic malignancy. There is also emerging evidence to support the combination of medical and surgical management over medical management alone. To the best of our knowledge, we report the 40th known case of C. septicum aortitis.
As predictive marketing and customer profiling solutions have become more sophisticated, they have increasingly become dependent on data from external sources. In order to utilize this data, records must be linked to internal records without the use of unique identifiers. The Extendable Logic for Matching (ELM) performs probabilistic matching from disparate(More)
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