Nauman Ahmed

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BACKGROUND We compare the efficacy of using a 15 mm to the standard 25 mm needle for performing peribulbar blockade. METHODS Blocks were performed on 150 patients using 15 or 25 mm needle length. Digital compression was applied by the thumb and index finger around the needle hub during injection with 15 mm needle. Anesthetic was injected until lid(More)
Objective: Frameless stereotactic biopsy has been shown in multiple studies to be a safe and effective procedure for the diagnosis of brain lesion. In this study the authors will evaluate the safety of the procedure and associated complications including neurological deficits in our set up of developing countries. Methods: Forty two patients with different(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of study was to see whether increasing the time of injection of standard dose of Propofol during induction can prevent fall in blood pressure in female patients; as is commonly observed with this anesthetic agent. DESIGN Comparative, non-interventional, prospective, and randomized and single blind study. PLACE AND DURATION The study(More)
Phenylephrine 10% is used for pupillary dilatation and capillary decongestion. It had been advised to use a 2.5% concentration instead of 10% to guard against systemic reactions. Here, a case of severe systemic manifestation following conjuctival application of 2.5% phenylephrine is described.A healthy adult was admitted for pterygium excision under(More)
Peribulbar block is commonly used for ocular posterior segment surgery. This work aimed to compare the efficacy of using 12.5 mm to 25 mm standard needle length in performing single injection peribulbar block for retinal surgery. Peribulbar block was performed in 120 patients using either standard 25 mm or 12.5 mm 30 G needle (insulin needle). While(More)
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