Nauman Ahmad Khan

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Overall success rate of pregnancies in kidney transplant recipients is higher than 90% if pregnancy goes beyond the 1st trimester. Risks to mother include hypertension, preeclampsia, infections, and worsening proteinuria, and those to the fetus are prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, and low birth weight. Hepatitis B infection is associated with(More)
  • N A Khan
  • 1978
This paper gives the functional preliminary and final results of tympanoplasty as modified by Khan in types I--III in the form of a comparison. We examined 494 patients who were operated according to our modified technique. It is emphasized that in reconstruction of the middle ear, the use of a prepared fascial graft, homograft incus cartilage and external(More)
In this paper we propose a framework to acquire, store, manipulate and integrate information to optimize scheduling and traffic control in real-time, in an urban environment. This research concentrates on the architecture that supports this functionality and on the integration of technologies and algorithms to provide data analytics and decision making in(More)
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