Naum Fraidenraich

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Closed-form analytic solutions that describe the optical behavior of V-trough concentrators are derived. The procedure analyzes the angular and spatial distribution of all the rays that undergo a given number of reflections (0, 1, 2), referred to as reflection modes. Then we obtain (1) the optical efficiency for beam and diffuse radiation, and (2) spatial(More)
A new approach for representing and evaluating the flux density distribution on the absorbers of two-dimensional imaging solar concentrators is presented. The formalism accommodates any realistic solar radiance and concentrator optical error distribution. The solutions obviate the need for raytracing, and are physically transparent. Examples illustrating(More)
We introduce the concept of the reflection mode in the analysis of data generated by ray tracing for the study of the overall optical behavior of compound parabolic concentrators (CPC's) for beam radiation. The light ray paths in two classical CPC cavities with a flat absorber, full and truncated, were simulated by a system of two recurrent series derived(More)
Knowledge of optical and radiative properties is often essential for the design and evaluation of V-trough solar energy collectors. Using the concept of reflection modes, we derived a set of functions associated with each mode; this allowed us to calculate the optical and radiative properties for rejected light radiation. These expressions, together with(More)
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