Natuko Morita

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Apoptosis-associated tyrosine kinase (AATYK) is a protein kinase that is predominantly expressed in the nervous system and is involved in apoptosis and neurite growth of cerebellar granule cells. In this study, we cloned three new members of the mouse AATYK family, AATYK1B, AATYK2 and AATYK3. AATYK1B is a splicing variant of the previously reported AATYK1(More)
Members of the maf gene family encode basic/leucine zipper transcription factors and play important roles during cell differentiation in vertebrate and Drosophila development. To investigate the possible roles of chicken lens-specific Maf (L-Maf)/MafA in retinal development, we analyzed its expression in the developing chicken retina. We first determined(More)
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