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Power management for VoIP over IEEE 802.11 WLAN
This paper provides an overview of power save procedures defined in the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard, and proposes a novel power management technique for stations and services that use contention-based channel access, which we call unscheduled power save delivery (UPSD). Expand
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Voice capacity evaluation of IEEE 802.11a with automatic rate selection
This paper analyzes the transmission of voice and isochronous traffic in general over an 802.11a access point under the contention-based access method when all stations can select an optimal transmission rate using automatic rate selection. Expand
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Link adaptation evaluation for WLAN using a voice quality metric
Link adaptation, the process of adapting a mobile user's link speed as channel conditions change, is investigated for IEEE 802.11a wireless local area networks, and voice call quality is judged using a unique quality metric. Expand
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Optimization of a link adaptation algorithm for voice over wireless LAN applications
Auto rate fallback (ARF) is a link adaptation algorithm that uses layer-2 acknowledgement messages to make decisions to increase or decrease the transmission rate. Expand
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Range Adaptive Protocols for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
ADIM-NB improves several aspects of the wireless mobile ad hoc network performance, including throughput, delay, stability, and power consumption, through its use of spread-spectrum multiple access and four different adaptive algorithms. Expand
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Mode economique d'acheminement d'une trame d'appel en liaison montante dans un reseau local sans fil pour communication en temps reel
Une station mobile (106) etablit une liaison de communication en temps reel via un point d'acces (102) pour l'acheminement de la voix ou d'autres donnees sensibles au temps. En conditions normales,Expand
Procede d'echange de trames lance a l'aide d'un appareil de communication
L'invention concerne un procede d'accession a un canal d'un reseau local radio (WLAN) et de prestation de qualite de service (QoS) pour la voix dans un systeme supportant des services de voix et deExpand