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Key factors limiting the greater use of linear motors are motor cost and complexity of controls. This paper develops an adaptive sliding-mode position control of a coupled-phase linear variable reluctance (LVR) motor for high-precision applications. With several distinct features, the LVR motor can be considered a strong candidate for high-performance(More)
The objective of this paper is to design and implement a direct-drive position control based on a simplified sinusoidal flux model for a linear variable reluctance motor. The motor under consideration is a three-phase linear motor with strong magnetic coupling between phases that has the advantages of simple structures, compactness and low cost with no(More)
Accurate and effective parameter identification is an important engineering task in high performance control system design. One emerging approach to effectively identify such nonlinear or dynamic unknown parameters is to use Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. Linear Permanent Magnet (LPM) motor is a high performance actuator employed in many(More)
This paper studies the real-time adaptive and repetitive control problem using the Desired Compensation Learning Law (DCLL) that has the advantage of robustness under the presence of unknown parameters with low memory requirement. The control structure of DCLL consists of a feedforward compensator that is designed by a linear combination of shape functions(More)
This research proposes a method to eliminate friction effect and reduced tracking error on CNC milling machines. A CNC milling machine has many connected mechanical components which have friction effects such as ball screws and rails. To control servo motors which are used to drive X-Y table in CNC milling machine, the conventional PID controller is widely(More)
Delta robot is a parallel robot with rigid body and fast movement potential that suitable for human interface device via bilateral control. The workspace is relatively small due to the complex interference between three legs and lead to various size of delta robot to compatible with the preference work. As the size is vary, the kinematic and dynamic of(More)
This paper presents the use of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm applied to the optimal design of the 4/2 switched reluctance motor (SRM). The main advantage of designing 4/2 SRM is the robust rotor structure for high speed unidirectional rotating applications such as the air conditioner's blower. In the designing process, the finite element(More)
Brushless DC (BLDC) motors have been widely used in industry. However, one of the main drawbacks of using BLDC motors is the undesirable torque ripple. The torque ripple can cause mechanical vibration, acoustic noise and bearing damage that reduces the lifetime of the machine. This paper proposes a simple repetitive control scheme to attenuate torque ripple(More)
In this paper, a design of a head controller and an adapting unit for interfacing with a power wheelchair is presented. The proposed controller is based on a servo mechanism of stepper motors, which provide motion in the x- and y-axis to actuate a modified joystick-controlled power wheelchair. The technical design aspects of the proposed head controller,(More)