Nattapon Chantarapanich

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Tissue engineering scaffold is a biological substitute that aims to restore, to maintain, or to improve tissue functions. Currently available manufacturing technology, that is, additive manufacturing is essentially applied to fabricate the scaffold according to the predefined computer aided design (CAD) model. To develop scaffold CAD libraries, the(More)
PURPOSE To present a rapid-prototype (RP) endoprosthesis replacement after tumor resection in patients with bone metastasis of the upper extremity. The short-term complications and functional outcomes were evaluated as well as the survival of patients and endoprosthesis. METHODS Bone metastasis patients who required bone resection and endoprosthesis(More)
The study compared the biomechanical performance of retrograde nail used to stabilize supracondylar fracture (three different levels) by means of finite element analysis. Three different nail lengths (200, 260, and 300 mm) of stainless steel and titanium nails were under consideration. Intact femur model was reconstructed from Digital Imaging and(More)
Lateral condylar prominence is a common problem after corrective osteotomy of the cubitus varus, which is believed to result from unequal opposing cut surfaces of lateral-based wedge osteotomy using a medial hinge. This study investigated this issue using a 3-dimensional CT data set consisting of images of the deformed elbow and the normal elbow of a(More)
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