Nattakarn Ratprasartporn

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We identify two issues with searching literature digital collections within digital libraries: (a) there are no effective paper-scoring and ranking mechanisms. Without a scoring and ranking system, users are often forced to scan a large and diverse set of publications listed as search results and potentially miss the important ones. (b) Topic diffusion is a(More)
Signaling pathways are chains of interacting proteins, through which the cell converts a (usually) extracellular signal into a biological response. The number of known signaling pathways in the biological literature and on the web has been increasing at a very high rate, thus demanding a need for efficient ways of storing, visualizing, querying, and mining(More)
Context-based literature digital library search is a new search paradigm that creates an effective ranking of query outputs by controlling query output topic diversity. We define contexts as pre-specified ontology-based terms and locate the paper set of a context based on semantic properties of the context (ontology) term. In order to provide a comparative(More)
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