Natsuko Hikage

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Research in information security is no longer limited to technical issues: human-related issues such as trust and the sense of security are also required by the user. In this paper, we use a Japanese word for such feelings, Anshin; " An " means to ease, and " Shin " is to mind. One feels Anshin when he is free from worry and fear. We try to identify the(More)
AbStrAct The sense of security, identified with the Japanese term, Anshin, is identified as an important contributor to emotional trust. This viewpoint suggests that designers should consider the subjective sense of security as well as objective security measures in designing systems and their user interfaces. A survey of users reveals both the personal and(More)
INTRODUCTION Security of systems and services is an enormous concern in the modern world. The word security in the context of these concerns almost always has a meaning related to the technical aspects of security, either referring to means for being secure (The Oxford English Dictionary, security definitions 5-7) or " the condition of being protected from(More)
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