Natsuki Samejima

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OBJECTIVE We investigated preoperative and postoperative serum alpha-subunit levels and the alpha-subunit response to TRH in patients with various types of pituitary tumour and correlated the data with histological findings in order to clarify the significance of alpha-subunit measurement in pituitary adenomas. PATIENTS We examined 59 patients with(More)
A 26-year-old female with NF2 underwent removal of an acoustic schwannoma via extended retrosigmoid approach with subtonsillar placement of the auditory brainstem implant. The patient had already shown palsy of the lower cranial nerves on the opposite side due to previous surgery. Differing from conventional routes such as the translabyrinthine and the(More)
Fifty-six reconstructions using Biograft were performed in 45 cases with peripheral arterial occlusion. These consisted of 11 femoro-popliteal bypasses above the knee, 19 femoro-popliteal below the knee, 10 femoro-tibial or peroneal and 16 other miscellaneous procedures including aorto-femoral and extra-anatomic bypasses. Overall patency rates for each type(More)
In order to study the vascular proliferation in human breast cancer, blood vessels were counted, per square millimeter, in the tissue immediately around tumors. Mastectomized specimens of 84 patients with breast cancer and specimens from 10 patients with benign mammary diseases were stained by hematoxylin eosin and, where required, by the avidin biotin(More)
We synthesized and developed a new tumor imaging agent, 111In-labeled metalloporphyrin (111In-ATN-10) which consists of a carrier (ATN-10) of the tumor imaging possessing both a non-radioactive manganese complex in the porphyrin ring and a bifunctional chelating group (DTPA) attached to its side chain. The images of the three kinds of tumors were delineated(More)
A case is reported of glioblastoma multiforme (GM) of the cerebellum associated with an intracerebellar hemorrhage. A 54-year-old male was admitted to our hospital with sudden onset of headache and nausea. CT scan showed right intracerebellar hemorrhage. The patient received conservative therapy and was discharged without any neurological deficits. However(More)
We have synthesized a new tumor imaging agent, 111In-labeled porphyrin (111In-ATN-2). In order to image transplantable pancreatic carcinoma in Syrian golden hamsters, we investigated the biodistribution of 111In-ATN-2 72 hr after injecting the agent by means of whole-body autoradiography. The efficacy of the agent was compared with that of 67Ga citrate. The(More)