Natsuki Okaniwa

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To develop oligonucleotides containing new 2'-O-modified ribonucleosides as nucleic acid drugs, we synthesized three types of ribonucleoside derivatives modified at the 2'-hydroxyl group with 2-(methoxycarbonyl)ethyl (MOCE), 2-(N-methylcarbamoyl)ethyl (MCE), and 2-(N,N-dimethylcarbamoyl)ethyl (DMCE) groups, as key intermediates, via the oxa-Michael reaction(More)
2'-O-Methyl oligoribonucleotides with four kinds of 2'-O-modified uridine derivatives were synthesised. Their duplex stability, hydration behavior and exonuclease resistance were studied by spectroscopic analyses and molecular dynamics simulations. Consequently, 2'-O-modification of the uridine residue with 2-carbamoylethyl or 2-(N-methylcarbamoyl)ethyl(More)
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