Natsuki Nakamura

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BACKGROUND Patients who have acute myocardial infarction remain at major risk of cardiovascular events. We aimed to assess the effects of either human atrial natriuretic peptide or nicorandil on infarct size and cardiovascular outcome. METHODS We enrolled 1216 patients who had acute myocardial infarction and were undergoing reperfusion treatment in two(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the extent of loss of myelinated nerve fibres and spinal motor neuron loss in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), a clinicopathological study was conducted on biopsied sural nerves and necropsied spinal cords from patients with CIDP. METHODS The myelinated fibre pathology of 71 biopsied sural nerves and motor(More)
We investigated whether the distribution (concentration) of morphine in the central nervous system (CNS) after systemic administration could be an index for the in vivo binding of morphine. Neither the morphine concentration nor its decline correlated with the density of opiate receptors. Naloxone decreased the morphine concentration in some CNS regions and(More)
The influence of vascularized intercostal nerve detachment on axonal regeneration and skeletal muscle recovery was examined in two experiments using two mongrel dogs. Experiment 1: The influence of detachment of the vascularized intercostal nerve on axonal regeneration and interfascicular blood flow was examined. Detachment of the intercostal nerve without(More)
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