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Gerontology research carried out in different scientific centers of Georgia follows the basic directions of most work in this field: epidemiology, investigation of the mechanisms of aging, and finding ways to prevent senile pathologies and to prolong life. The genealogy and epidemiology of long-living peaple have been studied in areas with high occurrence(More)
The study of genetic markers of aging is of current importance in gerontology. Data of long-liver residents of Ajara Autonomous Republic have been investigated with the aim of establishing genetic markers associated with longevity. 10 blood antigens - A, B, C, c, D, E, e, K, M, N of ABO, Rh-Hr, K, MN blood group systems have been investigated. The(More)
120 long-living women have been studied in Ajara with the purpose of revealing biogerontological factors associated with longevity. On the basis of special gerontological questionnaire survey and the genealogical research it has been revealed that the absolute majority of the long-livers was in happy and long marriage, most of them had stable partners and(More)
Atopic dermatitis is a common, chronic skin disease characterized by dry, itchy and easily irritated skin. It occurs most commonly in infants and young children, but can persist into adulthood. Severe cases can lead to sleep deprivation, chronic bacterial infections, and depression. Along with other allergic diseases, its prevalence has grown significantly(More)
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