Natividad Tajada

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The aim of this paper has been to obtain normative data for the major components of the visually evoked potentials obtained by flash stimulus (F-PEV) in the newborn, and to analyse the evolution of these responses during the first 24 weeks of life. In order to do so, F-VEP were recorded in 109 normal full-term newborn infants. Fifty-five of these infants(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The goal of this work was to investigate the prevalence of epilepsy in adolescence in the province of Huesca, a region situated in the north of Spain, and to compare the findings with other studies. METHODS All patients aged 10-19 with epilepsy on January 2003 residing in this area, were identified from multiple sources. We followed(More)
Authors present a case of mucolipidosis III diagnosed in a boy suffering from articular retractions, platyspondylia and a normal mucolysacchariduria. Biochemical characteristics of the lisosomial enzyme, reduced in fibroblasts in culture and increased in biological fluids allow such diagnose. Primary enzyme lack being not yet explained, authors comment upon(More)
We report a prospective study of the cases of acute diarrhea admitted to our pediatric service during one year (n = 172) to elaborate a screening method to identify patients with bacterial diarrhea. A bacterial causative organism was identified in 31.4%. The most common species was Salmonella, followed by Campylobacter. We evaluated the clinical(More)
The authors present a study of twelve children affected with leishmaniasis, observed in the province of Huesca (Spain). Three of the patients presented visceral form and the other nine cutaneous form. The clinical, evolutive and therapeutic aspects of this disease are analyzed, with special reference to the epidemiological aspects, since the incidence has(More)
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