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We propose and demonstrate the first RF digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) for cellular mobile phones. The DCO is part of a single-chip fully-compliant quad-band GSM transceiver realized in a 90 nm digital CMOS process. Frequency tuning is achieved through digital control of an array of standard n-poly/n-well MOSCAP devices. The finest varactor step size(More)
A design approach is presented for realizing a fully integrated local oscillator, covering all 4 GSM bands, and fulfilling the stringent phase noise requirement of -162 dBc/Hz at a 20-MHz offset from a 915-MHz carrier in a 1.4-V 0.09-/spl mu/m digital CMOS process. By operating a digitally-controlled oscillator at a 4/spl times/ frequency followed by /spl(More)
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