Nathaniel T. Stevens

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PURPOSE Timely identification of systematic changes in radiation delivery of an imaging system can lead to a reduction in risk for the patients involved. However, existing quality assurance programs involving the routine testing of equipment performance using phantoms are limited in their ability to effectively carry out this task. To address this issue,(More)
In many applications it is of interest to identify anomalous behavior within a dynamic interacting system. Such anomalous interactions are reflected by structural changes in the network representation of the system. We propose and investigate the use of a dynamic version of the degree corrected stochastic block model (DCSBM) to model and monitor dynamic(More)
Deciding whether two measurement systems agree well enough to be used interchangeably is important in medical and clinical contexts. Recently, the probability of agreement was proposed as an alternative to comparison techniques such as correlation, regression, and the limits of agreement approach, when the systems' measurement errors are homoscedastic.(More)
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