Nathaniel R. Twarog

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Understanding and exploiting the abilities of the human visual system is an important part of the design of usable user interfaces and information visualizations. Good design enables quick, easy and veridical perception of key components of that design. An important facet of human vision is its ability to seemingly effortlessly perform "perceptual(More)
We describe how inflation, the act of mapping a 2D silhouette to a 3D region, can be applied in two disparate problems to offer insight and improvement: silhouette part segmentation and image-based material transfer. To demonstrate this, we introduce Puffball, a novel inflation technique, which achieves similar results to existing inflation approaches --(More)
A diverse library of pre-fractionated plant extracts, generated by an automated high-throughput system, was tested using an in vitro anti-malarial screening platform to identify known or new natural products for lead development. The platform identifies hits on the basis of in vitro growth inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum and counter-screens for(More)
Phenotypic screening through high-content automated microscopy is a powerful tool for evaluating the mechanism of action of candidate therapeutics. Despite more than a decade of development, however, high content assays have yielded mixed results, identifying robust phenotypes in only a small subset of compound classes. This has led to a combinatorial(More)
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