Nathaniel Miller

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We ask what kinds of sources Wikipedians value most and compare Wikipedia's stated policy on sources to what we observe in practice. We find that primary data sources developed by alternative publishers are both popular and persistent, despite policies that present such sources as inferior to scholarly secondary sources. We also find that Wikipedians make(More)
In this paper, it is shown that the problem of deciding whether or not a geometric diagram in Euclidean Geometry is satisfiable is NP-hard and in PSPACE, and in fact has the same complexity as the satisfaction problem for a fragment of the exis-tential theory of the real numbers. The related problem of finding all of the possible (satisfiable) diagrams that(More)
  • Vignesh Gowrishankar, Nathaniel Miller, Michael D Mcgehee, Matthew J Misner, Du Yeol Ryu, Thomas P Russell +2 others
  • 2006
The fabrication process for well-ordered nanopillars over large substrate areas, which are taller than 100nm, have aspect ratios as high as 10 : 1 and occur with a periodicity of less than 35nm is described. Various unique aspects of the materials and processing techniques enabled key features of the nanostructures: block copolymer lithography facilitated(More)
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