Nathaniel J Hartmann

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A follow-up is provided for 64 patients treated with renal transplantation at the University of Colorado before 31 March 1964. The 25-year survival was 15/64 (23.4%) and 14 patients (22%) are still alive after 25 1/2 to 27 years. There are 9 other survivors in the world from this era, distributed in 4 American and 2 European centers. All of the 25-year(More)
The "masked" terminal nickel sulfide complexes [K(L)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] (L(tBu) = {(2,6-(i)Pr2C6H3)NC((t)Bu)}2CH, L = 18-crown-6, 2,2,2-cryptand) activate CS2 to give the trithiocarbonate products [(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S,S:κ2-CS3)](-) or [(S,S:κ2-CS3)Ni(II){S,S:κ2-CS2(L(tBu))}](-), further confirming the nucleophilicity of the sulfide (S(2-)) ligand in these(More)
The addition of 1 equiv of KSCPh3 to [L(R)NiCl] (L(R) = {(2,6-iPr2C6H3)NC(R)}2CH; R = Me, tBu) in C6H6 results in the formation of [L(R)Ni(SCPh3)] (1: R = Me; 2: R = tBu) in good yields. Subsequent reduction of 1 and 2 with 2 equiv of KC8 in cold (-25 °C) Et2O in the presence of 2 equiv of 18-crown-6 results in the formation of "masked" terminal Ni(II)(More)
The reactivity of the "masked" terminal nickel sulfide complex, [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] (L(tBu) = {(2,6-(i)Pr2C6H3)NC((t)Bu)}2CH), with the biologically important small molecules CO and NO, was surveyed. [K(18-crown-6)][(L(tBu))Ni(II)(S)] reacts with carbon monoxide (CO) via addition across the Ni-S bond to give a carbonyl sulfide complex,(More)
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